Sunday, May 22, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I must be living under a rock or something because I was just introduced to the wonders of PINTEREST. It's by invite only, so I am waiting for my invitation to join. What is it all about? It's your own bulltein board on line with all your interests pinned on line. I have seen art work, magazine clippings from fashion to home decor, oh, the list goes on. Silly me, I have seen my friends using it and though they were posting PINS, as in jewlery, to a online site. I will put the site in my listing of interesting place so you can check it out for yourself. Prepare to be amazed, it's a good thing that creative people around the world can get by on little sleep, you have to love them.

Monday, April 04, 2011

It's Been Awhile..............

To say the least!!! Almost a year since my last post but I haven't forgotten about my blog or all my art sisters out there. I have been busy with other things in my life, like traveling, reading, and making art. I have a terrible addiction to the game, Farm Town, on FaceBook, LOL. My sweet friend, Carla thought that maybe I needed an intervention with this game, thanks Carla for looking out for me. While I know what is going on with most of family and friends because of FB, I also spending way too much time on the farm game. No fear, the summer is coming and I will be out in the convertible and not down on the farm. It's timely that James Kennedy held another art show of fan art and repeated his lively Doom of Dome this past weekend in LaSalle, Il. (I hope I got the town right!) which meant that my art got a second viewing by curious eyes. Of course, the draw is meeting James Kennedy. Just being in his creative presence is an experience in it's self. He wrote the wonderfully entertaining novel, The Order of Odd Fish which the fan art is based on. You can view pictures of the fan art on my blog. I hope it was a raving success, Mr. K. And yes, please read the book, you will love it. I wish everyone a happy Spring!!! And I will talk with you soon.

Monday, April 19, 2010

One More Thing

The Order of Odd-Fish is a roller coast ride of craziness and humorous fun. If this book isn't on your book shelf, you only have yourself to blame.

It will make for a fabulous summer read, lose yourself in the adventure of a unique young girl as she makes her choice between good and evil. Our Jo will not disappoint any reader ages 10 to 100. The cast of characters will delight you and you only wish you had an apology gun of your own. Treat yourself and go to www.jameskennedy.com and see for yourself.

Thank you, James, for opening up a whole new world and artistic adventure for me. So to our continued friendship, congrats on a wonderful evening, I bow to your genius and love you to pieces.
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Costumed LADIES

This unique evening began with a 2 hour gallery showing of over 100 pieces of art. The event of the evening was a costume party to be held in the Dome of Doom where the people would dance to their death (not really) in their Odd-Fish inspired garb and win, well, the prize is bizarre, the heart of the All Devouring Mother, I hope I got that right, too. These costumed Ladies were only to happy to pose for my camera. I hope one of them won the contest.
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More Artwork

The second photo is that of a CAKE made by a gal in Florida, the fish is throwing out the City of Eldritch. The third photo is the travelling trunk of Lily LaRouche, famed actress of her day, put together by the author's wife, Heather (I hope I got that RIGHT) and the drawers were filled with everything a diva needs. How clever is this!!!
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Works of Art

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Teddy Bihun

A very creative and funny guy from Detroit Teddy Bihun and his lady, Rachel, standing in front of his 3 pieces of art rendered in oils. I wish now that I had a better photo of the imagimation and detail that went into his works. His pictures show the darker characters in the book and were a bit scary but BEAUTIFUL. Teddy, if you drop in, I loved meeting you, talking with you and I must thank you for your interest in my collages. And my goddaughter that attends RISD said I should have told you what R I S D stands for: the Reason I am Sleep Deprivated. I told her it was RISD lose. Love you both, hope we meet again.
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Young Artist and her Work

This young lady created this soft sculpture of the fish in which the City of Eldritch resides. I am so sorry that I can't recall your name. Your art hanging in the center of the room is one of my favorites pieces.
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The Order of Odd-Fish Fan Art Show

On 4/17/10, I spent a wonderful and surreal evening at the Order of Odd-Fish Art Show. This is a photo of myself with the author, James Kennedy. It was the BEST two hours of my artistic existence. James Kennedy is pure kinetic energy. His imagination is wickedly creative and humorous. The art that was inspired by his book was rendered in oils, paper cut art, fiber and fabric, crayon, acrylic, soft sculpture, collage, and even a cake!!! In a loft in the city of Chicago, everyone mingled and viewed these wonderful pieces of the art, I had the chance to meet most of the artists, who were delightful and truly into their craft. To experience my collages in this gallery was universe tilting and nirvana. To have other artists ask me how I create my art really blew me away. I was honored to be in the company of truly creative artists. Thank you, Mr. Kennedy for your book and for asking me to be part of the world you created with my collages.
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