Monday, April 19, 2010

The Order of Odd-Fish Fan Art Show

On 4/17/10, I spent a wonderful and surreal evening at the Order of Odd-Fish Art Show. This is a photo of myself with the author, James Kennedy. It was the BEST two hours of my artistic existence. James Kennedy is pure kinetic energy. His imagination is wickedly creative and humorous. The art that was inspired by his book was rendered in oils, paper cut art, fiber and fabric, crayon, acrylic, soft sculpture, collage, and even a cake!!! In a loft in the city of Chicago, everyone mingled and viewed these wonderful pieces of the art, I had the chance to meet most of the artists, who were delightful and truly into their craft. To experience my collages in this gallery was universe tilting and nirvana. To have other artists ask me how I create my art really blew me away. I was honored to be in the company of truly creative artists. Thank you, Mr. Kennedy for your book and for asking me to be part of the world you created with my collages.
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James Kennedy said...

Carol, I was delighted to meet you, and to feature your art in the show! Please let's keep in touch. My wife and sister were particularly charmed by you. It's so awesome that you've also generously spotlighted the other artists and participants on your blog!